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We are company based in 2009; with long experience in dealing with all kind of travelers demands and expectations about jungle expeditions.

Our jungle expeditions programs, and jungle lodge, are  specially designed for adventurers travels;   were founded and are still supervised by Marcel Bendayan, a “mine of intriguing information” said by Lonely Planet 2011;  our general manager, is  native born, but studied at Lima, Peru;  USA and Europe;  but the most important part of our team are our local and native workers and partners, and foreign volunteers (usually translating and room keeping);  same as  bilingual profesional guides, and local native partners for our jungle expeditions. The jungle lodge is in care of a native family, who cooks and take care of its maintenance.   Usually our deep in the amazon jungle expeditions, at Pacaya Samiria Reservation area  start and finish at the Jungle Lodge,

We work promoting native entrepreneurs, like the boat and car drivers; and we are very proud for turning former hunters into guides (translated by our volunteers).  We colaborate and participate in a very active way with the native villages closet o our jungle lodge.

Jungle hikes, canoeing and other jungle adventures activities are leaded  by native guides and food is customized to each travelers. Only logistics and bookings are managed by us.