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We are a company specialized in genuine amazonian experience; all our lodges are at deep jungle of Iquitos county. Timing to get into your lodge is relative and it is detailed at our expeditions programs. From your lodge and common areas next to it, with all areas protected against mosquitos, we will start your jungle activities.

The ones at San Juan de Huashalado have the closest and fanciest logdes (matrimonial, doubles and triple ones); in dry season takes about one and a half to get into our place, away enough from Iquitos´s downtown for getting a genuine, well cared Amazonian nature and an excellent service (buffet for meals included); during flooding season takes only 45 minutes, departuring from Iquitos´s harbour. It is the perfect place for short timing staying and for families; beautiful nature is surrounding our jungle lodge. We have current water a massive dinner room and hammock saloon and private full bathrooms in our lodges. Natives and international volunteers are in charge of the lodges roomkeeping and your personal hosting.

The ones at the southest area of Iquitos (9 hours by boat or 4 and ½ if going by car first); are more rustic; not all of the lodges have private rooms. These lodges are the ones closest to the Pacaya Samiria area (we are at the other side of the Amazon-Ucayali river). The common areas are smaller; and lodges have beds and are all protected against mosquitos. From here we start our activities deepest in the jungle. Including the amazon camping programs. Has only 2 bungalows with private bathrooms and is much more isolated than the other bungalows and it is the perfect place for, after lunch, start your jungle expedition. Natives and international volunteers are in charge of the lodges roomkeeping and your personal hosting.

We are glad to present the Yarapa located lodge, that is operated by us in partnership with Nuevo Loreto Comunity. This lodge is located inside the Yarapa Comunal Reserve. This area keeps protected under legal benefits one of the richest amazonian varieties of flora and fauna, an at the encounter with majestic Ucayali river, we can visit one of the pink dolphins most populated areas. The lodge has 15 rooms (doubles and matrimonials), very spacious and higienic kitchen, massive common areas.