Belen is one of the hugest markest you can ever find. Iquitos has growed it´s population from 1980 with 100,000 people to half million currently and no new market could replace Belen. Belen just keeps on growing in size and variety, and all Iquitos goes to Belen oftenly.  Finding amazonian fruits,  western meat (pork, chicken, cow), dozens of fish varieties, a whole medicinal plants Street, andean products, chinese vegetables, colorful and tasty spices, clothes, batteries, canned food, tennis shoes, tabacco, bullets, alive and cooked  warms, turtles, gators or wildpigs is posible.  Anything  that can surprise you.
The floating market is not for city inhabitants, is for the same Belen people; that most of them live at the lowest area, that gets flooded periodically and it how a whole neighborhood can be visited in mototaxis, just wlaking or only in canoes.  By may is the river highest level´s and by october,  the lowest. There is a 12 meters (almost 40 feet)  difference in the Amazonian rivers´s levels  between those periods. So, finding floating bars, floating gas stations, a whole floating neighborhood and  canoes with ladies selling menus, or taking groceries to sell to the flooded areas people is very usual by that times of the year.


Pasaje Paquito is the name of a block full of medicinal plants, shamanism, witchcraft accesories, amazonian drinks (kind of Jaggermeisters) with very sexy names,  that are all mixed by here.  Medicinal plants are basically preventive; so they are usually good for circulation problems; amazonian people usually have a very good circulation; cancer rates areally low, same as other circulation problems  like brain strokes.  Erection is a circulation problema as well, so that´s maybe why in one same Street  you will find, alcohol and medicine. And maybe the reason why Iquitos people have , nationwide, the bad name of “sex lovers”.
Names like “Panty Breaker (Rompe Calzón), Siete Veces sin Sacarla (7 times inside without going out), Stad up Dead Bird (LPM) and many more funny creations are the most famous drink´s names at this medicinal plants Street; where also boa´s oil and many other processed barks or vegetable oils have a very extended presence at this scene.
Pasaje Paquito, for sure is one of the places that you can not miss if visiting Iquitos.

Our photos, captured by our guests and our team!


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