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Full Day River Tour

This is a full day river tour, great if you only have limited time in Iquitos! cost includes all ground and river transportation, meals and gears.

At 8:00 Pick up from our guesthouse or your hostel from where we depart to the port. We embark in our typical boat and make our journey down river towards the Amazonas. This is a fun journey that will get you acquainted with the mightiest of all rivers!

Throughout our journey, you will be able to observe many different types of Amazonian birds, as well as fresh water dolphins.

We continue like this for approximately an hour and a half until we reach the riverside community of San Juan de Huashalado, on the shores of the Amazon river.
Upon arrival, we pay a visit to this native community and learn about their traditions and their way of life and survival. Though we don’t stay here long as we must continue our journey now through the Yanayacu river of dark waters.

2c0810_e9d06546053f43d5af592972e76d146aYanayacu is separated from the Amazonas by an isthmus, making it the perfect place for piranha fishing! though many other types of fish are abundant here such as tucunares, doncellas, cunchis etc.And if you are not into fishing, the sight is also terrific, with many types of fauna that can be appreciated from armies of giant ants, to birds, and monkeys and primates.
The flora of the region is also a sight to behold: giant trees such as the lupuna (ceiba) or constrictor vines.
Back at San Juan de Huashaldo for a lunch with foods typical of the region, and some story telling time. You won’t believe some of the myths and stories from the region. (Make sure your guide tells you the story of the pink dolphins!)-After lunch we will visit a local rescue center for wild animals. Here you will be able to observe some of the beautiful animals of the rain forrest in recovery and getting ready to be released back into the wild. Some common guests at this rescue center are: Boas, sloths. monkeys of various kinds (maquisapas, choro, huapo, pichico), coatis, tucans, parrots among others.

niña We continue our journey back again on the Amazonas towards Barrio Florido, a small village where they use some very traditional methods to grow paiche, the fish that feeds the local riverside population.

And Barrio Florido is also the place where you will be able to appreciate the beautiful Victori Regias, or giant jungle floating lilipads.
With the Victoria Regias we bid goodbye to the jungle and we take on our journey back to Iquitos.