Full Day Iquitos Tour

Full Day Iquitos City tour: Floating market of Belen, Quistococha, and Manatees. Cost is $85 USD per person, includes all transportation, entry fees, meals and gear.



Pick up from our guesthouse or your hostel at 8:00 am from where we depart towards Belen. The floating city of Belen, is flooded for the greater part of the year. Homes are either built on balsa wood, or stilts (locally known as palafitos).This is where you can literally appreciate river life.During the flooding months, the waters enter Belen forcing all transport and commerce (food, drink, and medicine) to be conducted on canoes among its inhabitants.These months are best for exploring the streets of Belen on a canoe, where you can see its river streets, floating schools, homes, churches, stores, bars and even floating night clubs (January to June). During the dry season, the streets are taken over by the street vendors of Belen.

  • ┬áThe market is internationally famous for its size and diversity of products offered.Food and medicine go hand and hand in the Amazon region. Pasaje Paquito is where all natural medicine, herbs, and more are concentrated in the market. And in the market you can learn about the Amazonian diet which consists primarily of giant river fish (Paiche), eatable worms, high in protein (Suri), alligator, turtles, venison, yucca root, and plantains.Of course there is also an immense variety of fruits and cooking herbs, such as camu-camu, cocona, aguaje, unguharui, sacha-culantro, among others all of which are seasonal.
  • 10:30 we leave Belen on a moto taxi or private car (up to you!) towards the manatee rescue center.Here you will visit the internationally supported organization which rescues baby manatees from irresponsible hunters. Then they are placed in pools in order to give them the nutrition they need as they arrive at center almost always mal nourished and in a state of starvation. When they are strong and healthy again,

, Iquitos Cultural and Historial City Tour

they are released to the lagoon El Dorado in the Pacaya Samiria reservation.You will get to know these manatees, and will also get the change to feed them, and play with them.

  • 12:00 We leave for the botanical garden/ zoo of Quistococha, buffer zone of the Allpahuayo Mishana reservation. This park was created surrounding the beautiful lagoon of warm calm waters, with white sandy beaches (Quistococha).We will explore the park starting by exploring the spoken tales and myths of the Peruvian Amazon, creatively illustrated in the art at the park. Incredible tales like the one of the Chullachaqui, Tunchi, and the Runamula will be discussed.Then we will visit the zoo where you can appreciate amazing fauna of the Amazon: paiches, monkeys, giant rodents (ronsoco) and smaller (majas), reptiles, anacondas, and mantonas; eels, colorful birds, alligators, pumas, jaguars among others.

, Iquitos Cultural and Historial City Tour

  • 1:30 Lunch around the lagoon, and beach time until 3:00 pm.
  • 3:00 pm We continue exploring Quistocha now to the etno botanical garden which is full of medicinal plants each with a specific healing powers in addition to amazing trees, cedar, capirona. The Amazonian flora can also be appreciated in the gardens.
  • 4:00 Return to Iquitos.

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