Iquitos FAQ

You have questions, we have answers…


Mototaxis are the way to get around Iquitos and not only that. They are fast and fun! Fares from the airport range from 8 to 15 soles. And from 2 to 5 soles around the city. Something to watch out for, at the airport stick to your original plan. Many taxi drivers work with businesses for comission and they will try to persuade to go with them instead. They can get quite creative so just politely decline and that should be that.
LLaquipalay Expeditions does NOT work on a commision agreement with moto-taxi drivers.


Iquitos at night is fairly safe, wandering the boulevard (aka malecon), Plaza de Armas, and Jiron Prospero is perfectly safe as these are well lit and there is always traffic.

But if you are in party-mode use your common sense. Don’t wander the streets alone, and don’t embark on rides to unknown destinations unless you feel comfortable. Having said that, the city is quite famous for its nightlife and you should definitely not leave without experiencing all the fun and music that Iquitos can provide.

When picking a hotel or hostel to stay at, always choose those which are closest to the towncenter, nearby Plaza de Armas.

The jungle is hot and humid year round (85F). For the city, pack light clothes; shorts, linen pants, light cotton t-shirts. Also sandals, swimsuits, sunglasses.

If you are going on a jungle expedition also bring some long-sleeve cotton shirts, sun hats, long pants, blue jeans, and socks (lots of socks)! Be prepared to sweat a lot, so unless you like to be wet, bring many extra t-shirts.

Hiking gear, ponchos, boots, machetes etc are provided for you with Llaquipallay. Just bring your camera!


Mosquitoes are not as bad as you may think in the city.They come out at dusk, 6 to 9pm to be exact so best suggestion is to pick a good happy hour spot! In the jungle is a different story, and here you’ll get acquainted with them on a more personal basis. long sleeves, and good repellent with deet will suffice. The spray kinds are quite handy, but the cream types work best on the face (don’t forget the ears!).They are also available on all the farmacias around town. But our suggestion is to purchase your repellent in your country where you can find better quality and variety. Also we have recently become acquainted with anti-mosquito smart phone apps, worth giving a shot!

Iquitos is not a malaria zone, but many tourists feel safer taking malaria medication.


There is not hardly violent crime in the city, but petty theft is common. Belen is known for this, but you shouldn’t be discouraged from visiting the fantastic market. The earlier the better. Use common sense. If a group of overtly kids come to hug you, know that is likely they are also going for your wallet.In the same note, mendicity is frowned upon, and we discourage you from giving kids moneys.

Exchange money either at the airport, banks, or exchange houses on Prospero blvd, not the street. If your American dollars are torn or wrinkled they will be turned down.


, FAQDebit and credit cards; Visa, MasterCard are accepted at most hotels and restaurants in Iquitos center, and you may also withdraw cash from ATMS for a fee.

Iquitos also has a Western Union Office which opens until around 8 pm.

Beware of Con artists and charlatans as they are abundant. The best way to not get jipped out of money in Iquitos and anywhere else in the world for that matter is to make your research ahead of time. Ask for references and read other people´s testimonials. If you are considering trying Ayahuasca go with well reputed centers and always check for references.

, FAQWe absolutely discourage any traveler from choosing so-called “shamans” off the street, as the consequences could be serious.

If you have heard about ayahuasca and its healing properties read our section on spiritual retreats and healing with Llaquipallay.

Last but not least, slow down, relax, and enjoy. This is Iquitos.

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