In Peru, only since 2011 prior consultation for the use of communal land in regulated and concessioned by the Peruvian Central State activities is necessary. Until then any company or independent guide could perform activities within community lands, without request permission from the natives of the area.

Llaquipallay is proud to be the first tour operator to have conducted a community consultation for both the implementation of our activities and the development of lodges and forest camps. All our activities and projects are approved by the community and hire and train local people in the development of an efficient eco-tourism awareness

LLaquipallay is committed to providing social services, in combination with tourism, the Community Kukama (or Cocama) who dwells in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve and its buffer zone, especially the population of the Yarapa river, for that, we offer a special discount of 25%, those who can contribute their ability and / or professional talent for the benefit of society Cocama. Doctors, dentists and English teachers are most needed by the native and mestizo population. For larger groups to 3 people, the discount is 30% on each day that visitors do their social work.

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